Endow Key Faculty Positions

Professorships, program directors, and faculty fellows will help Fisher strategically attract and retain inspiring and influential faculty members.

Fr. Graf, the College's first endowed professor, speaks with several students.

Endowed positions offer a prestigious and established faculty position designed to enable and inspire thought leaders to drive their fields forward. Faculty in these positions engage in cutting-edge research, create unique curriculum and coursework, and lead by example. In the classroom, they bring lifelong intellectual curiosity to our students, demonstrating how to apply scholarship to real-world challenges.

Fisher already attracts exceptional faculty: dedicated teachers and scholars who bring out the best in their students. They provide a transformational educational experience, developing critical thinkers, engaged citizens, and career-ready professionals.

Endowed professorships are the highest honor faculty members can receive and they are a lasting tribute to the donor who establishes them.

Our goal is to establish new endowed professorships in each of the College's five Schools, while also seeking endowed positions for department chairs, deans, and program directors.