Career Exploration Beyond the Classroom

Your support can enhance the range of career experiences available to Fisher students.

Internships, field work, and other professional experiences offer opportunities for students to transfer the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to a professional setting. Career experiences provide invaluable networking and advancement opportunities and take students from the classroom to a career. Read more about how internships can transform the student experience for Fisher students.

  • Alexandra Hristodoulou
    Transformative Industry Experience

    Alexandra Hristodoulou ’17 credits the media management program’s emphasis on creative thinking for preparing her for her career in a rapidly changing industry. Hristodoulou leveraged a summer internship at a local media agency into a full-time career following graduation.

    Media and Communication Experiences
  • Emma Kilmer poses in the stands at the Pittsburgh Penguins stadium.
    Emma Kilmer

    Emma Kilmer spent her final semester as a media relations intern with the Pittsburgh Penguins. The sport management major described her time in Pittsburgh as “an incredible experience,” and one that reinforced her professional goal of building a career based on hockey and communications.

    Sport Management Student Experiences
  • Kathryn Morris
    Organizational Development in the Community

    Kathryn Morris ’18, a human resources major, used an internship experience at Hillside Family of Agencies to further her knowledge of HR and organizational development outside of the classroom.

    Business Internship Experiences